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Joanna has many personal interests and passions, but at the top of her list are travel and music, and combining the two is the pinnacle of enjoyment. It is not uncommon for her to travel great distances to shows to support her favorite musicians and bands. And if she can't obtain seats in the front rows or on the stages of the venues, she doesn't attend the concerts because she likes to be positioned where she can see the emotions on the musicians' faces and watch their interactions and communications with each other while performing. Tragically, Joanna is not blessed with any musical talent whatsoever and laments that her singing sounds like two drunk, wet feral cats fighting in an alleyway. However, she does write musical lyrics, and since most of her favorite musicians have endured significant challenges, Joanna has chosen to focus on the life lessons we all can learn from these rockstars' experiences in these blog posts. 

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