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Bret Michaels (of Poison), Pisces Men & Generosity

In addition to liking hard rock music, the other aspect Bret Michaels and I have in common is our astrological sign: Pisces. Michaels is (almost) five years my senior with his birthday occurring on March 15th, and mine on February 25th.

Pisces men are an interesting lot and the Poison frontman is no exception. As a Piscean (and rockstar), Bret Michaels is not keen on a 9 to 5 schedule, confinement of any kind (physical or emotional), or rules. And like most fishies, he's empathic, sensitive, and generous.

Michaels has donated resources to many causes, including St. Jude's, Make-A-Wish, American Diabetes Association, Stand Up To Cancer, and the U.S. Military (for which he won the Patriot Award).

It's important that each of us give back to our communities, even if on a small scale. There are many ways to contribute that don't cost a penny, such as volunteering, assisting an elderly neighbor, creating a website to raise funds for a favorite charity, donating clothing and housewares, and so on.

Low cost ways to give back include having your favorite charity draft a small amount from your bank account each month, giving groceries to the unhoused or a food drive, donating school supplies, and purchasing Girl Scout cookies (I'll take 150 boxes of Thin Mints).

My favorite causes are ones that support victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, plant trees to improve the environment, and protect animals. I recently learned that in the United States we have two sanctuaries that rescue and support elephants and other large animals: Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and The Elephant Sanctuary. Both organizations have an adoption program, but don't go stock-up on peanuts because you won't be receiving an actual pachyderm in exchange for your donation. I was really disappointed to learn this and was so looking forward to having a pet elephant live in my backyard.

Whether you donate those spandex pants from the '80s or purchase a ticket to a charity concert, be like Bret Michaels and give back to your community. The only way this world is going to become a better place is if we support each other.


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