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David Coverdale (of Whitesnake), Positive Vibes & Self-Love

If you don’t currently follow David Coverdale on the socials, you may want to start. All of his posts are positive, uplifting, and affirming. He always tells his followers that they are appreciated and loved for who they are and considering that so much of the info circulating in today’s society is negative, this is a completely refreshing tactic.

For example, on Valentine’s Day, Coverdale posted a short video of him walking through a front door holding a massive bouquet of flowers, and he held out the bouquet to the camera (so that it looks as if he’s handing the flowers to the viewer), and states how much he loves and appreciates “you” (meaning the viewer). How cool is that? Immensely, in my book.

I’m currently undergoing hypnotherapy with a fabulous therapist who specializes in removing cognitive blocks (restrictive thought patterns) that can keep us stuck. In my case, I have some relationship trauma that stems from being raised by an abusive father. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to ascertain that this has caused me to select past partners who were also emotionally challenged, and thus not for my highest good. Hypnotherapy, in just four short sessions to date, has significantly changed my world. I can now spot a player, or a self-sabotager, at forty paces, and I no longer waste my valuable time (or loving heart) on these types of men. I keep it moving on down the line, brothers and sisters. Additionally, hypnotherapy is so much more effective than traditional talk therapy, IMHO, which can take years to help the patient make progress. And who has that kind of time?

What really resonates with me about Coverdale, aside from his music and British heritage (I’m a tremendous Anglophile who lived in the U.K. as a small child and attempted an English Channel swim years ago), is his spiritual belief that the soul is eternal. David, and his lovely wife Cindy, believe that the soul lives on forever and just borrows a different body in each lifetime to continue doing the work that it’s meant to do. What work, you ask? The work of learning life lessons and evolving.

We come into each lifetime with lessons that we’re meant to learn, and ancestral patterns that we’re meant to break, to help us evolve and elevate. Most of these life lessons are related to self-esteem issues…not feeling worthy, good enough, equal to others, etc…and we are tested in each lifetime via challenging situations. For example, I come from a long line of women who were very subservient to their husbands, and most of these men were not awesome guys. I have now broken that ancestral pattern because I will no longer tolerate a partner who is abusive, narcissistic, inherently selfish, and so on. I don't need love from a man that badly. My female ancestors can now breathe easy that this specific wounding has been terminated in our bloodline. Additionally, by me forgiving my father (but opting not to have a relationship with him because it’s just too complicated) and recognizing that he was a product of his messed-up childhood, I can move past the daddy issues that I had for decades. I have now stopped trying to fill an emotional void by seeking the attention of men who don’t have the best of intentions towards me.

Done and dusted, kippers and custard.

The void from childhood where I received conflicting messages from my father that significantly impacted my self-worth is now filled with self-love, self-respect, and a lot of other good “self” things.

David Coverdale seems to get that we’re all in need of the same things (love, acceptance, emotional fulfillment, etc.), and thus are all on similar journeys. He is his (social media) followers’ cheerleader every day, opting to send positive vibes and encouragement with each post. So, if you’re in need of a little TLC, follow Coverdale and feel the love.


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