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Mark Slaughter (of Slaughter), Hair Nation & Good Guys

It's no secret to the people in my world and social media followers that I am a rabid fan of the Hair Nation channel on SiriusXM. In fact, I rented a house in Mexico for a couple of months and I told the driver who delivered me to the home that I had to run into the abode to make sure that I could get Hair Nation on my phone, and that if not, we were turning around and heading north for the border and ditching the rental.

At times, prior to firing up a Slaughter song on Hair Nation, the DJs will comment that Mark Slaughter is a genuinely good guy who is a pleasure to be around. The first time I heard this, I was elated because like most fans, I like to know that my rock heroes are good peeps. But I already suspected this about Mark because of the interviews I've read and watched, and the band's documentary from 1991 called The Wild Life, which is a must-see. And if you're a long-time fan like me, you have to see the movie because it brings back memories of a simpler time, plus all of the guys in the band were just so freaking adorable with their enthusiasm and energy for life.

Slaughter's song "Do Ya Know" always reminds me that many people in this world are dead-ass asleep...meaning that they don't know who they are, what they stand for, why they're here on the planet, or where they're going in life. In my past life as a registered nurse, and current career as an independent educational consultant, I have worked with every kind of person and personality imaginable. And while I believe that the vast majority of people are good and have positive intentions, there are plenty of individuals running around our world who don't seem to understand that how you treat people does come back on you at some point in life. And, if you've racked up enough ill will, the universe will smack you hard for it, and it will start by taking away those things that you value like health, money, and relationships.

But please understand that I'm not talking about good people who get irritated with their child, or who slowly lose their patience when trying to resolve an issue with an inept customer service representative, or who set boundaries with others who are manipulative. Nor am I saying that if you lose your job, or have surgery for a burst appendix that you had it coming. I'm talking about those people who derive pleasure from being cruel to others, manipulate situations to their advantage, and are just downright sucky. Those people do have it coming, one way or another.

But luckily for us, Mark Slaughter is not a sucky guy who has it coming to him. Quite the opposite in fact, as evidenced by the strong support of the Slaughter fans and the fact that Slaughter is touring today, so go see them in concert!


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